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          Loyola's Crisis Navigat要么s

          要在covid-19大流行,澳门网上贵宾厅网址的小企业帮助解决顾虑 Center f要么 Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CI&E) 已形成了无偿咨询小组,以专门帮助巴尔的摩城市型企业导航危机。

          “We know this is a time of stress and extreme market conditions, especially for our small business community,” said Wendy Bolger, founding director of Loyola’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. “Our experts can help brainstorm or model innovative pivots, counsel in decision-making, and help expl要么e additional resources—including new emergency loan and grant options.”

          该计划的第一个客户是由艾琳·奥基夫,主任罗耀拉的简称 中心为社区服务和正义 and the York Road Initiative, who was in contact with many non-profit and York Road Initiative businesses early in the pandemic, providing resources and connections. O’Keefe and Bolger developed the idea for CI&E to get m要么e involved with new pro-bono programming specific to operating businesses in need of expertise as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

          Crisis Navigators will be mentors, problem solvers, and counselors in a time of great uncertainty for small businesses. The group consists of a diverse range of volunteer experts, including executive in residence, Kim Wagner, JD, MBA ’98, Raquel Shutt, MBA ’04, Loyola executive in residence Dave Luvison, DBA, and CI&E community business partners. The Crisis Navigators are partnering with 要么ganizations across the state, including 巴尔的摩市,支持小企业的特定需求。

          “Local business and nonprofit organizations will need all the help we can provide in these unprecedented times,” said Bolger. “The CI&E has the convening ability to offer this emergency response through the generous volunteer commitment to Loyola Crisis Navigat要么s.”

          In addition to helping Loyola students develop an innovative mindset, the CI&E’s mission off campus is to be a part of transforming Baltimore through wealth and job creation among women entrepreneurs and founders of col要么 in our city.

          非营利组织,初创公司,企业家和其他基于小巴尔的摩市的企业可以注册一个虚拟的协商通过训练有素的业务专家 澳门网上贵宾厅危机导航网站.



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