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          • 1993

          • 学士学位通讯

          安娜·威尔逊 has always loved music. As a child, she took piano lessons and sang into her hairbrush. Music was always playing in her house, says the Chester Springs, Pa., native. Growing up, she was more involved with sports than with playing music—until a serious knee injury brought her days as a high school athlete to an end. Wilson picked up a guitar and started pouring her emotions into her music. As a student at Loyola, she decided to major in communication, with a concentration in public relations, and minor in music. And she fully immersed herself in music. During spring break of her senior year, Wilson went to Nashville to make connections and circulate her résumé. The night before Commencement, she received a job offer from the public relations firm representing Garth Brooks. Wilson has established her own career in Nashville, early on as a songwriter for country artists including Lady Antebellum, Chuck Wicks, Reba McIntire, Billy Ray Cyrus, Brooks & Dunn, Lee Ann Womack, and Chris Cagle. More recently she has established herself as a jazz artist, writing and recording her own music—and the songs of country artists who performed in the 1950s and ’60s. Today Wilson has her own record label, publishing company, award-winning recording studio, and a network of artists and people in the music business to help her create rec要么ds such as her latest album, jazzbird /鸣禽。

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