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          • 每年级 2015

          • 学士学位英语和美术

          A double major in English and fine arts, 安娜deblasio found plenty of ways to sing and act at Loyola while also getting a comprehensive, liberal arts-based education. An Honors student, she served as president of the Loyola University Singers and the Evergreen Players in addition to participating in various other student clubs and honor societies on campus. Anna, a professional actor and singer, hopes to continue working with organizations that marry the arts and social justice. She believes her Jesuit education from Loyola helped her with her choice of career: “To be a Jesuit means to be a person for and with others," she explains. "The reality of my work as an actor is to be thrown into a room with people I’ve never met and interact with them intimately to help the audience have an experience of empathy. It’s a Jesuit experience if I’ve ever heard of one.” Anna’s biggest advice for Loyola students? 应用 for grants. “I received a grant every summer from Loyola to go out into the world and learn or gain new experience. Two of my favorites were traveling to and teaching in Slovakia with Dramatic Adventure Theatre, and training as an actor at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Mass. I feel such gratitude f要么 both experiences.”

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