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          • 每年级 1988

          • 学士学位英语

          Jill P. Carter was born and raised in Baltimore, where she served for 14 years as the 41st district representative in the Maryland House of Delegates. In 2003, she defeated four incumbents in the Democratic primary to become just the third African-American female attorney elected to the Maryland Legislature. Jill lives and serves in Baltimore, striving to make the city a better place for all to live. In 2017, she was appointed director of the Office of Civil Rights & Wage Enforcement for the City of Baltimore under the administration of Mayor Catherine E. Pugh, a post she says will allow her to continue to work for many of the same things she fought f要么 as a Maryland delegate. Jill was named one of “25 Women to Watch” by the 巴尔的摩太阳报 在2017年。

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